Publications scientifiques

Les membres de SHERPA publient abondamment dans les revues scientifiques. Cette section a pour objectif de vous présenter un échantillon des publications récentes de nos chercheurs.

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Prendre en compte l’expérience pré-, péri- et post-migratoire des élèves réfugiés afin de favoriser leur accueil et leur expérience socioscolaire

Alterstice, Revue Internationale de la Recherche Interculturelle
Auteurs: Papazian-Zohrabian, G.,  Mamprin C. , Lemire, V. et Turpin-Samson, A.

Family’s Migration Experience and Distress Among Asian-Canadian Immigrant Youth

Journal of Comparative Family Studies
Auteurs: Moon, J.  et Ruiz-Casares, M. 

Transcultural Mental Health Services for Refugees: Two Services Models from Montreal, Canada

Dans Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Interdisciplinary and Comparative Perspectives (dir. Berthold, S. M. et Libal, K. R.)

Auteurs: Measham, T., Guzder, J., Jarvis, G. E., Elias, R., Rousseau, C., Nadeau, L., Hassan, G. 


Sex, Grief, and Psychic Trauma: Considering History and Politics in the Psychosexual Treatment of Women with FGC

Current Sexual Health Reports
Auteur: Sophia Koukoui

Avis de la recherche: Analyse des risques et bénéfices en termes de santé publique de la future loi 21 sur la laïcité de l'État
Migrant women’s health and housing insecurity: an intersectional analysis

International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care
Auteurs:  J. Hanley, Ives, N., Lenet, J., Hordyk, S.-R., Walsh, C., Ben Soltane, S., Este, D

Refugee Resettlement I: Challenges for Mental Healthcare Services in Portugal

Acta Medica Portugesa
Auteurs: A. Neto, A. Gomes Costa, A. Gomes Machado, D. Conceição, C. Coutinho, C. Rousseau

Exploring the discrimination–radicalization nexus: empirical evidence from youth and young adults in Belgium

International Journal of Public Health
Auteurs: R. Frounfelker, T. Frissen, I. Vanorio, C. Rousseau, L. d'Haenens

Exploring Intersectionality as a Policy Tool for Gender Based Policy Analysis: Implications for Language and Health Literacy as Key Determinants of Integration

The Palgrave Handbook of Intersectionality in Public Policy
Auteurs: N. Clarke, B. Vissandjée

Hurtful Gifts? Trauma and Growth Transmission Among Local Clinicians in Postearthquake Haiti

Journal of Traumatic Stress
Auteurs: A. Jaimes, G. Hassan, C. Rousseau

Cumulative stigma among injured immigrant workers: a qualitative exploratory study in Montreal (Quebec, Canada)

Disability and Rehabilitation
Auteurs: D. Côté, J. Dubé, S. Gravel, D. Gratton, B. White

Barriers and recruitment strategies for precarious status migrants in Montreal, Canada

BMC Medical Research Methodology
Auteurs: M. Fête, J. Aho, M. Benoit, P. Cloos, V. Ridde 

Protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial evaluating a parenting with home visitation programme to prevent physical and emotional abuse of children in Indonesia: the Families First Programme

BMJ Open
Auteurs: Ruiz-Casares, M., Lilley, S., Thombs, B. D. et al. 


Welcoming refugee children: The role of psychological first aid interventions

Auteurs: C. Rousseau, D. Miconi

Immigrants' outcome after a first-episode psychosis

Early Intervention in Psychiatry
Auteurs: Abdel-Baki, A, Ouellet-Plamondon, C., Medrano, S., Nicole. L. et Rousseau C.

“Do You Want to Help or Go to War?”: Ethical Challenges of Critical Research in Immigration Detention in Canada

Journal of Social and Political Psychology
Auteurs: Kronick, R., Cleveland, J. et Rousseau, C.

Pluralisme, équité et rapports ethniques dans la formation du personnel des milieux éducatifs

Éducation et francophonie
Parmi les auteurs: G. Audet, G. Hassan, G. Papazian-Zohrabian, C. Rousseau, É. Bourgois-Guérin

Exposure to Extremist Online Content Could Lead to Violent Radicalization:A Systematic Review of Empirical Evidence

International Journal of Developmental Science
Auteurs: Hassan, G., Brouillette-Alarie, S., Alava, S. et al. 

Mental health needs and services for migrants: An overview for primary care providers

Journal of Travel Medicine
Auteurs: Rousseau, C. et Frounfelker, R. 

Canadian response to need for transformation of youth mental health services: ACCESS Open Minds (Esprits ouverts)

Early Intervention in Psychiatry
Auteurs: Malla, A., Iyer, S., Shah, J. et al. 

Enacting autism: Immigrant family negotiations with nosology in practice

Transcultural Psychiatry
Auteurs: Pereira Pondé, M., Bassi Arcand, F. M. N., Cunha, L. A. et Rousseau, C. 

The Criminalization of Migration

McGill Queen's University Press
Auteurs: Atak I. et Simeon, J. C. 

Chapitre "Protecting the Human Rights of Migrants as Part of a Long-Term Strategic Vision on Mobility and Diversity", François Crépeau

Adaptation of an existing measure to assess professionals’ attitudes regarding the importance of involving fathers in interventions with families

Sciences infirmières et pratiques en santé
Auteurs: Gervais, C., Meunier, S., deMontigny, F. et Dubeau D.

Parler aux enfants de la violence du monde, à partir de l’ouvrage « L’Enfant Gazelle » de Stéphane Martelly et Albin Christen

L'autre, Revue transculturelle
Auteur: Koukoui, S.
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Impuissance et contre-transfert culturel: Le rôle des discussions de cas interinstitutionnelles pour dénouer les impasses thérapeutiques

L'autre, Revue transculturelle 
Auteurs: M-L. Daxhelet, J. Johnson-Lafleur, G. Papazian-Zohrabian et C. Rousseau
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Interactions Between Indigenous Women Awaiting Childbirth Away From Home and Their Southern, Non-Indigenous Health Care Providers

SAGE Journals
Auteurs: V-M. Zoua, R. Gagnon, T. Lee, V. Jimenez et al.
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Legal status and vulnerabilities

Dans Basaran, T. et Guild, E. (éd,) Global Labour and the Migrant Premium: The Cost of Working Abroad. Routledge
Auteurs: Idil Atak et François Crépeau
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Caring for Families Separated by Changing Immigration Policies and Enforcement: A Cultural Psychiatry Perspective

Psychiatric Services
Auteurs: B.A. Kohrt, F.G. Lu, E.Y. Wu, D.E. Hinton, N.K. Aggarwal, R. Parekh, C. Rousseau, R. Lewis-Fernandez
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The Social Networks, Social Support and Social Capital of Syrian Refugees Sponsored to Settle in Montreal: Indications from their early experiences of integration

Canadian Ethnic Studies
Auteurs: J. Hanley, A. Al Mhamied, , J. Cleveland, O. Hajjar
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Protecting only white children: the impact of child restraint legislation in Brazil

Journal of Public Health
Auteurs: J.I. Nazif-Munoz, A. Nandi, M. Ruiz-Casares
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Symbolic violence and disempowerment as factors in the adverse impact of immigration detention on adult asylum seekers' mental health

International Journal of Public Health
Auteurs: J. Cleveland, R. Kronick, H. Gros, C. Rousseau
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Mental health among adolescents living with HIV in Namibia: the role of poverty, orphanhood and social support

Auteurs: S. G. Gentz, Calonge-Romano, R. Martinez-Arias, M. Ruiz-Casares
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Child Supervision in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Scoping Review

Children and Youth Services Review
Auteurs: D. Miconi, I. Beeman, É. Robert, J. Beatson, M. Ruiz-Casares
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Intervention en contexte de radicalisation: une approche clinique multidisciplinaire

Santé mentale au Québec
Auteurs: I. Ben-Cheikh, C. Rousseau, G. Hassan, M. Brami, S. Hernandez, M.-H.  Rivest
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The notion of ‘cultural advantage’ according to the Council of Europe

Dans White, B. (éd.) Intercultural Cities: Policy and Practice for a New Era (pp. 329-345). London ; Palgrave/MacMillan
Auteur: Daniel Côté
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Diversity, Conflict, and Recognition in Hospital Medical Practice

Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry
Auteurs: S. Fortin et S. Maynard
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Community being well for family wellbeing : Exploring the socio-ecological determinants of wellbeing in an Inuit community of Northern Quebec.

Transcultural Psychiatry
Auteurs: S. Fraser, V. Parent, V. Dupéré
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Refugee maternal and perinatal health in Ontario, Canada: a retrospective population-based study

BJM Open
Auteurs: S. Wanigaratne, Y. Shakya, A. Gagnon,  D. C. Cole, M. Rashid et al.
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Rien ne doit se faire pour eux sans eux : renforcer la participation des demandeurs d’asile, réfugiés et migrants sans statut et des organismes communautaires dans la recherche en santé

Canadian Journal of Public Health
Chercheurs: E. Robert, L. Merry, M. Benoît, D. Boleira Guimaraes, M. Ruiz-Casares  

Femmes et subjectivations musulmanes

Numéro d’Anthropologie et sociétés (vol 42, no 1, 2018)
Sous la direction: Abdelwahed Mekki-Berrada

'Ayn mika: Traumatic experience, social invisibility, and emotional distress of sub-Saharan women with precarious status in Morocco

Transcultural Psychiatry
Auteur: Abdelwahed Mekki-Berrada

Stories of trauma in family therapy with refugees: Supporting safe relational spaces of narration and silence

Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Auteurs: L. De Haene, C. Rousseau, R. Kevers, N. Derrudere, P. Rober

Ethnographic case study of a community day center for asylum seekers as early stage mental health intervention

American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
Auteurs: L. E. Chase et C. Rousseau