Families, Parenting, Perinatality

The birth of child is a significant moment in the life cycle. The perinatal and post-natal periods are charged with meaning and at the same time challenge the knowledge, values and practices of newly arrived families and intervention workers. It may sometimes also be the very first time that recent immigrants come into contact with their host society’s services, such as the CLSC, school, etc. Early childhood and perinatality in an immigration context constituted the first research specialization of CSSS de la Montagne, now integrated into the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal.
Through the lens of parenting and the family, issues related to identity, social roles, transmission as well as intervention and adaptation of services in a context of immigration and diversity are addressed here.

A systematic review of the literature on the question of the parenting experiences of refugees, asylum-seekers and undocumented migrants was carried out by a researcher member of SHERPA in 2017. Read >>