A Systematic Review of Refugee Women’s Reproductive Health

Gagnon, A.; Merry, L. ; Robinson, C. (2002)


21 (1) | 6-17

Resettling refugee women may be at greater risk than other women for several harmful reproductive health outcomes as a result of their migration experience. The objective of this study was to determine differences in reproductive health status between refugee women in countries of resettlement and non-refugee counterparts. A systematic review of the literature culled from five electronic databases and web searching of international agencies and academic centres focusing on refugees was conducted. Of the forty-one high quality studies identified, fourteen looked at refugees exclusively; only nine of the fourteen focused on the reproductive health of refugees; six of the nine directly compared refugee to non-refugee women’s health. There is a paucity of populationbased data to support or refute claims of greater reproductive health risks for resettling refugee women.