Clinical Sociology and Intercultural Praxis for Working with Migrants in the Community: A Tale of Four Projects

Montgomery, C., Xenocostas, S., & Jimenez, V. (2022, octobre)

Clinical Sociology: Research and Practice book series (CSRP)

Community Intervention pp 105–123


This chapter examines the history of a research group named METISS (Migration, Ehnicity and Interventions in the Health and Social Services) which worked in close partnership with a front-line health and social service institution in Montreal, Canada. Inspired by a clinical sociological approach, the members of METISS developed a research-intervention model for working with migrants and practitioners in the community. Its history is one of experimentation and innovation in doing social research in intercultural neighbourhoods, not only in terms of possibilities, but also in terms of constraints and challenges. The chapter begins with a brief history of the METISS research group, then sets out the general characteristics of the research-intervention framework developed by its members at the intersection of clinical sociology and intercultural praxis. It then examines some of the projects undertaken by the group, which will provide the basis for a discussion of this type of research framework for promoting dialogue and improving resources and life conditions in intercultural contexts.


  • Clinical sociology
  • Intercultural praxis
  • Research-intervention
  • Migration
  • Health and social services