Validation and Pilot Testing of a Guide to Measure the Costs Associated with the Management of COVID-19 and of Healthcare Associated Infections in Residential and Long-Term Care Facilities in Quebec

Tchouaket Nguemeleu, Eric, Stéphanie Robins, Drissa Sia, Josiane Létourneau, Roxane Borgès Da Silva, Kelley Kilpatrick, Idrissa Beogo, Natasha Parisien, et Sandra Boivin. (2021, juin)

Revue Science of Nursing and Health Practices / Science infirmière et pratiques en santé

Vol. 4/ num. 1 | 30 p.


Introduction: As elsewhere in the world, Quebec (Canada) is currently facing the COVID-19 pandemic. Approximately 92% of deaths have occurred among people aged over 70, and approximately 100 long-term care (LTC) centers (termed CHSLDs in Quebec) were contaminated. This alarming situation is prompting stakeholders from healthcare networks to investigate the socio-economic repercussions of COVID-19. To the best of our knowledge, there is no valid and reliable tool to measure the costs associated with the management of COVID-19 in CHSLDs. Objectives: This research protocol aims to: i) adapt and validate for use in CHSLDs a combined guide, Cout-COVID19-SLD, developed from 2 guides used in acute care; ii) pilot the Cout-COVID19-SLD guide in CHSLDs and test its feasibility and afterwards resolve any barriers to its administration, and to conduct a partial estimate of costs brought about by COVID-19. Methods: A two-part prospective study will be conducted. Phase 1 will use a Delphi approach with 14 to 17 experts to validate the content of the Cout-COVID19-SLD guide. Phase 2 will pilot test the guide in a cross-sectional study in two CHSLDs. Discussion and conclusion: This study will provide a validated guide for the systematic measurement of costs associated with the management of COVID-19 (costs of preventive measures and costs of illness) in CHSLDs. Finally, this guide will serve as a valid and reliable instrument with which to better plan future research surrounding the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 in CHSLDs.



  • costing measurement guide, 
  • infection prevention and control, 
  • Delphi approach, 
  • long-term care facilities, 
  • COVID-19