Racisme et femmes descendantes de migrants asiatiques : décoloniser les savoirs sur l’interculturalité en travail social au Québec

Hamisultane, Sophie, Edward Ou Jin Lee, Josiane Le Gall, André Ho, Charlène Lusikila (2022, juin)

Revue Intervention

Number 155 / OTSTCFQ | 15 p.

During the pandemic, we undertook, with the authors of this proposal, preliminary research on racism against Asian descendants of migrants (ADMs). Via social media, we contacted a group that mobilized during this period of heightened anti-Asian racism, as the first signs of COVID-19 were identified in China. For this preliminary research, we carried out consultations with women of Asian descent (ADMs) in Quebec. Based on the results, and drawing on previous research on the colonial heritage of Vietnamese ADMs, we will propose a reflection on the effects of racism that existed long before the pandemic, as well as on the self-construction of Asian descendants of migrants in Quebec with a view to decolonizing knowledge on interculturality in social work.



  • Racism, 
  • descendants of Asian migrants, 
  • interculturality, 
  • decolonizing