Les cabinets de conseil privés dans l’action publique contre les épidémies : une revue exploratoire

Gallardo, Lucille, Lara Gautier, Fanny Chabrol, Lola Traverson, Sydia Oliveira, and Valery Ridde (2023, janvier)

HAL (Le Centre Pour La Communication Scientifique Directe)

hal-03943255 | 27 p.

While there is ample research in the social sciences on the role of private consulting firms in public action, their intervention in public management of health crises or epidemics is poorly studied. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a significant recourse to these firms by public administrations in many countries. The purpose of this exploratory review of scientific literature is to identify research on the involvement of these firms in the government of epidemics and health crises that have occurred since 2000. What do they say about the role of these firms, and what methods are used? The steps of the PRISMA-SCR model have identified only 24 references since 2000. The authors use three approaches to analyze the role of the firms: the managerial approach, consultocracy and the hybridization of the elites. This review reports on a blind point of scientific writing and calls for the conduct of empirical research on the subject.