L’art et la violence : quels frayages ? Réflexions inspirées d’un projet pilote en prévention de la radicalisation violente chez les jeunes

Bourgeois-Guérin, É., Aldebert, J., Rousseau, C. (2022, octobre)

Danser seul(e)s : la jeunesse entre individualisation, individualisme, singularité, auto-entrepreneuriat et nouvelles formes de sociation

Vol. 18 / Sciences et actions sociales (ACOFIS) | 16 p.

The rise of various forms of violent radicalization challenges both the political and psychosocial realms. In response, various prevention programs are being developed, notably based on risk and protective factors identified in the literature on violent radicalization. This article examines these factors and questions the possible relevance of art-centered approaches in preventing violent radicalization. Questions raised by a recent pilot project carried out with young people attracted by violent radicalization and monitoring their engagement in artistic activities served as a starting point for reflection. This work will highlight certain issues surrounding the use of art as an alternative outlet to violence by focusing particularly on the conditions under which this recourse can be meaningful.