Impacts de la crise de la COVID-19 sur les « communautés culturelles » montréalaises. Enquête sur les facteurs socioculturels et structurels affectant les groupes vulnérables

Cleveland, Janet; Hanley, Jill; Jaimes, Annie; Wolofsky, Tamar (2020, aout)

Montréal : Institut universitaire SHERPA | 82 p.

What factors influence the impact of the crisis associated with COVID-19 on Montreal cultural communities?

Our study indicates that certain groups in cultural communities are made vulnerable by the intersection of multiple economic and social factors, in particular:

  • Precarious financial situation;
  • Employment in a position at high risk of exposure to COVID ;
  • Precarious migration status or lack of status;
  • Lack of medical insurance;
  • Being allophone;
  • Low literacy;
  • Being targeted by racism.

These factors may contribute to high levels of infection and psychosocial distress in certain multiethnic, low-income neighbourhoods in Montreal.
Public health policies must take into account the combined impact of these economic, linguistic, sociocultural and migratory factors.