Aire ouverte Laval : Défis et premières leçons d’une histoire de cocréation en santé mentale jeunesse

Bentayeb, N.; Weiss, B.; Ziani, M.; Goyette, M. (2022, février)

Canadian Public Administration

65 / IPAC | 22 p.

The aim of this article is to shed light on the levers and obstacles of the co-creation process encountered during the first steps of the implementation of a demonstration project in youth mental health in Quebec, in the context of an expansion of youth integrated service networks. Using a qualitative approach, the role of the various stakeholders involved (community partners, service providers, youths) is described in such a way as to highlight the co-creation issues the actors were confronted with between the design and implementation phases. We report on a formative and developmental evaluation, which is still ongoing. In this sense, this article seeks to clarify the lessons learned on the process of co-creation of public action.