SHERPA Lunch Webinars

SHERPA Lunch Webinars are free conferences aimed at a diverse audience: speakers, students and trainees, managers and researchers. They are presented in the form of webinars. They are followed by a discussion period during which participants have the opportunity to discuss together the results of the research presented or the issues it raises. They are intended as a space for exchange between the research and practice communities.

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Les midis sherpa

Insertion accélérée de personnes migrantes peu qualifiées, faiblement francisées : une expérience durant la pandémie, dans le secteur hospitalier wallon en pénurie de main-d’œuvre (French)



September 27th, 2023, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm



Altay Manço, Scientific Director of the Institut de Recherche, Formation et Action sur les Migrations (IRFAM)

Details to come