Perception of interprofessional collaboration and co-location of specialists and primary care teams in youth mental health

Rousseau, C. ; Pontbriand, A. ; Nadeau, L.; Johnson-Lafleur, J. (2017)

Journal of the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

26 (3) | p.198-204


Interprofessional collaboration is a cornerstone of youth mental health collaborative care models. This article presents quantitative results from a mixed-methods study. It analyses the organizational predictors of the perception of interprofessional collaboration of professionals comparing two models of services within recently constituted youth mental health collaborative care teams.


Professionals (n=104) belonging to six health and social services institutions completed an online survey measuring their perceptions of interprofessional collaboration through a validated questionnaire, the PINCOM-Q.


Results suggest that the integrated model of collaborative care in which specialized resources are co-located with the primary care teams is the main significant predictor of positive perception of interprofessional collaborations in the youth mental health team.


More research on the relation between service delivery models and interprofessional relations could help support the successful implementation of collaborative care in youth mental health.