Pathways to Healthcare for Migrant Workers : How Can Health Entitlement Influence Occupational Health Trajectories ?

Hanley, J.; Gravel, S.; Lippel, K.; Koo J-H. (2014)

Pistes - Perspectives interdisciplinaires sur le travail et la santé

16(2) | 18 p.

This article draws on an exploratory study of the experiences of precarious status migrants in their attempts to access healthcare. We surveyed 211 men and women migrants and did 31 semi-structured follow-up interviews. For the purposes of this article, we report on the 78 respondents who were either recruited to Canada specifically as workers (temporary foreign workers) or who had no access to income support and were therefore likely to be working (undocumented workers). We begin the article with an overview of the literature linking migration status to difficult healthcare access and higher risk of OHS problems. After presenting our methods, we turn to the results, outlining how migrant workers are using a combination of social networks, Quebec professionals and transnational healthcare connections to address their health concerns. Our findings offer insight to OHS professionals seeking to understand the differential outcomes for immigrants faced with workplace accidents or illnesses. Can difficult access to healthcare become a barrier to full recourse in cases of workplace injury or illness among migrant workers ?