OTHER WORLDS, OTHER BODIES Embodied Epistemologies and Ethnographies of Healing

Pierini, E., Groisman, A., & Santo, D. E., Mossière, G. (2023, février)

Berghahn publication

Berghahn Books, New York · Oxford | 310 p.

When approaching the multiplicity of the spiritual experiences of healing, ethnographers are often presented with ideas of the existence of “other” worlds that may intersect with the so-called “material” or “physical” worlds. This book proposes a sensory ethnography of healing with a focus on ethnographic knowing as embedded in an embodied epistemology of healing. Epistemological embodiment signals that personal scholarly experience of the “unknown”—be it in the form of trance, or as the embodiment of an “other”—shapes the concepts of healing, body, trance, self, and matter by which ethnographers craft out analysis.