Moving Beyond Christianity: Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Mental Health

Dein, S., Persaud, A., Tribe, R., Bhugra, D., Bhui, K., Lashley, M., Thapliyal, A., Khatib, Y., Rathod, S., Gabriel, M., Rathod, S., Willis, J., Braakman, M. H., Iraqi, F., Swartz, L., Gataora, J. S., Van Sluytman, L. G., Bass, D., Bemak, F., Dinos, S., Day, G., Watson, S., Crompton, E. and ChiYing Chung, R (2019)

World Cultural Psychiatry Research Review Journal

14 (1-2) | 13-19

To date the literature on religion and mental health has focused upon Christianity. We cannot assume that these findings can be transposed onto other faith groups. In this paper I focus upon Islam, Judaism and Hinduism and discuss understandings of mental illness and the relationships between central beliefs and mental health. I discuss implications for clinical work and psychotherapy.