Immigrant grandmothers’ and mothers-in-law’s cancer literacy within their family context

Zanchetta, M.S; Maheu, C.; Gebremariam, AG.; Baribeau, P.; Ndiaye, NL.; Tamouro, S.; Lemonde, M.; Cloos, P. (2017)

Journal of women & aging


Data from focus groups held in Montréal (Canada) with 13 women born in Cameroon, Colombia, and Democratic Republic of Congo were used to explore cancer knowledge among immigrant grandmothers and mothers-in-law and their influence over family cancer-preventative practices. Thematic analysis identified the following leading themes: cancer literacy and influence over family cancer preventative and early detection practices, cancer literacy in relation to family health behaviors, and barriers to accessing health services. Perceived external causes of cancer and its prevention are countered by healthy eating and exercises. Cancer literacy was contextualized by the development of women’s ways of being and doing.