Identity transmission in a (trans)national context. A comparison between parents in mixed couples in Quebec and Morocco

Le Gall, J. et C. Therrien (2021)

Mixed families in a transnational world

21 p.

In order to highlight the influence of the national context on the process of identity transmission, this chapter aims to compare the parental identity transmission project of mixed couples in Quebec and Morocco while taking into account the transnational experience of these families. The significant differences between Quebec and Morocco offer an interesting comparison with respect to transmission issues. We discuss the choices and strategies of the parents, focusing on the transmission of specific identity markers: the choice of first name and family name, educational system, language and nationality. Our results show that the national context significantly influences the choices that parents make but also that the transnational experience of these families strongly impacts the process of identity transmission. Choices are made to facilitate the children’s transnational mobility, and relationships and cross-border ties are also used by the parents as a resource to strengthen a sense of belonging that connects their children to both societies.