Fathering Here, Fathering There… A Phenomenological Study of the Impact of Forced Migration and Resettlement on Syrian Refugee Fathers in Canada

Al Mhamied, A., Bogossian, A., & Hanley, J. (2023, juin)

The Journal of Men’s Studies

OnlineFirst, AGE Publications | 23 p.


Refugee fathers have been largely ignored by family researchers and service providers. This article presents an interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA) of data from semi-structured interviews conducted between November 2020 and March 2021 with 17 Syrian refugee fathers resettled in Canada. The interviews focused on the meanings refugee men gave to fatherhood, their fathering practices, and the sense they made of their experience of being a Syrian refugee father in Canada. This article highlights how Syrian fatherhood is shaped by cultural norms of the home country as well as by religious beliefs. However, participants’ definitions of fatherhood as head of the household, primary breadwinners and decisionmakers in the family, holding unique positions both within their families and in their communities, shifted during the resettlement process. Following resettlement, these meanings were revisited and redefined. Hyper-fatherhood and adjusted fatherhood practices are new types of fatherhood that emerged during resettlement for Syrian refugees.
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