Dataset and figures on time-series analysis of child restraint policy impact in Chile

Nazif-Muñoz, JI.; Nandi, A.; Ruiz-Casares, M. (2018)

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The main objective of this data article is to present the data set which depicts the impact of child restraint legislation in Chile and its regions. The population of the study consisted of all car crashes records provided by the national police from 2002 to 2014, which included children aged 0–3. Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average ARIMA and Poisson model were used to present the association between the dependent and independent variables of interest. When the data are analyzed, it will help to determine the degree of relationship and the strength of significance between child restraint legislation policies enacted in 2005 and 2007, and child occupant fatalities and injuries. The data are related to “Impact of child restraint policies on child occupant fatalities and injuries in Chile and its regions: An interrupted time-series study” (Nazif-Munoz et al., 2018).